Changing EcosystemsThe ClimatePath Ecologic Fund’s mission is to screen, evaluate, support, and provide funding to on-the-ground projects with positive social and environmental impact. We are focused on the following goals:

  1. Preserving forests and ecosystems
  2. Protecting biological corridors
  3. Providing positive social impact
  4. Encouraging innovative community based programs that reduce or mitigate the growth of greenhouse gas emissions

Many of our supported projects are at least partially financed through issuing certified carbon credits. In these cases, we acquire and permanently retire the credits that these projects generate. By retiring credits, additional demand for offsets will lead to funding for new projects generating new greenhouse gas reduction and credits.

We also educate the public to the alternatives to offsetting – specifically the impact of conservation and lifestyle choices on reducing the potential impact of climate change. Finally we assist project providers in establishing acceptable standards and verification procedures.

Encouraging innovative project work which

supports healthy and vibrant ecosystems,

efficient and renewable resource use, 

and preserves natural capital 

while offering additional 

social and community 

impact and benefits.

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