About The Fund

Donate via guidestarThe ClimatePath Ecologic Fund is a 501(c)3 California Non-Profit  Corporation.  Consumer donations to The Fund are typically directed towards  the acquisition and retirement of verified carbon credits from qualified projects with community, biodiversity,  economic development, and other benefits in addition to their impact on reducing the underlying sources of global warming.

Foundation support and general giving also allows The Fund to assist new projects in pre-finance, and technical training to gain access to carbon markets. The fund also acts as one of three tropical conservation partners which support the Corozal Sustainable Future Initiative – a comprehensive set of projects that preserve and will eventually link together the last remaining forest corridor in Belize.  The ultimate aim is to develop and replicate a conservation model which can be used in other threatened ecosystems.

Board of Directors

Dave Rochlin Mr. Rochlin has over 30 years of executive, general management, and consultant  experience, in the consumer, technology, and non-profit sectors. He is currently CEO of ClimatePath, an incubator for sustainability consulting,  identifying, developing, and piloting market-based approaches to conservation and climate change, and funding projects offering social impact and reduced GHG emissions.

Dave is  a faculty member and executive director at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, where he designs and teaches graduate level innovation and project courses,  and directs the Haas@Work “agency” model – which assists corporations in driving innovation initiatives using Haas students, faculty, and frameworks. He is also faculty director for UC Berkeley’s Innovation for Responsible and Sustainable Impact program in Geneva, Switzerland and teaches additional courses on business models and strategies for a better world.  The goal in all cases is to help firms enhance their competitiveness and collaborate across boundaries, while preparing the next generation of Berkeley graduates to drive change — responsibly.

He is also a consultant, facilitator, coach, and program designer, who has  worked with dozens of Fortune 1000 companies, and coached thousands of students and executives to collectively solve problems, work more collaboratively, and develop innovative solutions to issues of performance and growth.

Mr Rochlin was previously the Chief Operating Officer of TransFair USA, a non-profit organization which is well known for its work in helping industry in the U.S. develop  business practices which provide support for environmental sustainability and social programs in the Global South.

Charlotte Opal Ms. Opal is an international expert and independent consultant on sustainable supply chains.  Recent projects have included advising seafood certification and ratings agencies on incorporating social responsibility into seafood supply chains,  and developing organisational policies and strategies for TFT – The Forest Trust. She currently serves as TFT representative on the High Carbon Stock Approach Steering Group. She is also a lecturer to undergraduate students at the University of California-Berkeley, University of Neuchâtel, and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-Zurich.

She previously coordinated the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels at the Energy Center at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, and is the co-author of Fair Trade: Market-Driven Ethical Consumption (Sage 2005), the world’s first textbook on Fair Trade.  Ms. Opal has worked in program development at Fair Trade USA, and before that at PeaceWorks, a gourmet food import company working in conflict regions around the globe. She is a former chair of the Standards Committee at Fairtrade Labelling Organisations (FLO) Int’l, the international multi-stakeholder organization governing Fair Trade certification, and a Rhodes Scholar.

Nelson Shelton Dr. Shelton is the former Associate Dean of the School of Economics and Business Administration at Saint Mary’s College of California.  He earned his PhD from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, and has taught  courses in business ethics and strategic management at the graduate and undergraduate levels at Saint Mary’s.  Dr. Shelton was preciously the Director of the MBA programs at the College.   He is also a board member of Educational Pathways International, a non-profit foundation that recognizes, nurtures, and supports gifted young people in developing areas of the world through university level scholarships, enabling them to develop their talents and make a positive difference in their native land. Dr. Shelton is a graduate of Stanford University, and also earned masters degrees in education, political science, and business from Stanford, Northwestern University, and Saint Mary’s College, respectively.

Advisors and Supporters Our advisors include Dr. Sascha Von Meier, the Director of the Environmental Technology Center (ETC) at Sonoma State University, and Dr. Gene Rochlin of UC Berkeley’s Energy and Resource Group. We also received advice from the late (and great) Lee Schipper from the  University of California Transportation Center. A special ‘thank you’ goes out to the talented team at Morrison and Foerster, and the many other volunteers who are helping us in pursue our dream of a cleaner and greener planet.

Mailing Address
PO Box 6012
Moraga, CA 94570

Email Requests to: drochlin at climatepathfund.org



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